Creating & learning at the INSTAMeet

I've been to a couple Instameets over the past couple years. I love being about to meet new people who are creative and shooting in different areas! I love the interaction of all the attendees as well as seeing how the photos turn out from everyones style. 

I've been spending every Tuesday with my good friend Liza of Liza James Photography. We have been chatting about ideas for growth, future goals and shooting concepts. We love to be able to shoot creatively and push ourselves farther! We decided to host our first Instameet with an added element of teaching! We both love meeting new people, sharing how we shoot and learn off each other! 

We got a couple to model for us, had Lora of Sophisticated Floral made a gorgeous floral crown and decided to meet at a local Starbucks. We wanted to show that you don't need some fancy place to shoot (altho I do love me some amazing backdrops!) but you can create magic anywhere! With Cherry Blossom season in full bloom, we found a church parking lot with a couple trees and knew it would be perfect! We started off there, going thru how to find good light, directing couples into poses and utilizing your surroundings to frame your images.

Thank you to the girls that joined us! It was amazing meeting you and learning together! Can't wait for the next one! Here's a look at the evening, filmed by Adi Pacurar (who is doing events- hit him up!). 


Jenn Pacurar