Spring has sprung and it's time to FINALLY get out and take some beautiful photos! I know this is a time when most photographers start getting busy with sessions and weddings! It can get overwhelming juggling everything and staying on track while also letting your creative juices flow! So, why not take a break and meet fellow photographers and creatives in general! Liza and I are hosting out first INSTAMeet! Basically, if you love taking photos (DSLR or IPhone!), meeting new people and having fun, this is for you!! Oh, and it's FREE, duh!

We will be setting up a shoot (a couple or a single person) in the Gresham area on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30pm and show you how to :

-Pick a location that you would never think to use

-How to use what's around you to enhance you images

-Guide your "model" (whoever you are taking photos of) in poses that are natural while guiding them! 

And we want to learn from YOU as well! We LOVE new tips and tricks! We LOVE community and want to grow and encourage! But most of all, we LOVE to laugh and have a good time while taking photos!! Send us an email and let us know you are coming- OR

Hope to meet lots of you!!!

Erin & the Girls - Southern California Family Session

Southern California, you hold a special place in my heart. I can't ever get a hold of the magical light it produces every time!! Met this beautiful family and took some amazing photos of Erin and her sweet girls Ella and Lily! I could photograph them all day, every day! Can't wait to be back soon!!

Dana & Ovi - Pacific City Bridal Session - Portland Wedding Photographer

I love bridal sessions. They are calm, beautiful and full of love. I highly recommend doing one with your photographer. Your wedding day is full of excitement, emotion and the day will fly by you! Your day may not allocate enough time to take bridal photos and that's ok! Planning a bridal session (or as others like to call it, trash the dress) is perfect to go to a location otherwise not attainable during the wedding day, and spending time taking those beautiful stills!  

Beautiful bridal bouquet by Lora of Sophisticated Floral Design.